The Senate appoints members of the University Committee on Rank and Tenure, the Grievance Code Committee, the Faculty Responsibilities Committee, the University Budget Committee, and many other committees across the University

  1. Wayne Davis, Chair (Philosophy, Faculty Senate President)
  2. Stella Apekey (Sr. Assoc. VP for Budget, Financial Planning)
  3. Tony Arend (SFS, Government)
  4. Richard Bates (Chemistry)
  5. Geoffrey Chatas (COO)
  6. Darryl Christmon (VP and COO Main Campus)
  7. Tom Clark (CFO, Law Center)
  8. Robert Clarke (Oncology, GUMC Dean of Research)
  9. Abi Cruce (Exec. Director of Strategic and Financial Planning)
  10. Amol Dani (CFO, Main Campus)
  11. Richard Diamond (Law)
  12. Laura Donohue (Senate VP for Law Center)
  13. Ian Gale (Economics, MCEF)
  14. Mary Glasscock (Medical Center Budget Officer)
  15. Dave Green (Chief Financial Officer)
  16. Carole Gresenz (SNHS)
  17. Jessica Jones (Biochemistry & Molecular & Cellular Biology)
  18. Allison Koester (MSB Accounting)
  19. Ludise Malkova (Pharmacology & Physiology)
  20. David Mao (Associate Dean for Administration, Law Center)
  21. Jim Reisert (AVP and Chief Business Officer, GUMC)
  22. Willem Roos (Controller)
  23. Ed Soule (MSB Strategy, Economics, Ethics, Public Policy)
  24. Joe Verbalis (Medicine)
  25. Susan Vroman (Economics, Senate VP for Main Campus)
  26. Ex Officio (Non-Voting):
    • ​​Michael Barry (Chief Investment Officer)
    • Charles DeSantis (Vice President for Benefits)
    • Spiros Dimolitsas (Senior Vice President for Research and Chief Technology Officer)
    • Bart Moore (Vice President for Advancement)
    • Robert Groves (Provost)
    • Ed Healton (EVP Medical Center)
    • William Treanor (EVP Law Center)
    • Lisa Krim (Sr. Advisor to the President for Faculty Relations)

*(there are currently no task forces)

Master Committee List 2019-20

Master Committee List_2018-19

Master Committee List_2017-18

The year the appointee’s term expires follows the name, with the length of the term in parentheses.  Only Senate appointees are listed.

University Committees

  1. Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee
  2. Benefits Advisory Committee; (Bac)
  3. Business Practices Advisory Committee
  4. Capital Improvement Planning Committee
  5. Conflict of Interest Committee
  6. Defined Contribution Plan Advisory Committee
  7. Designing the Future(S) Advisory Committee
  8. Equal Opportunity Examining Board;
  9. Executive Council of the Graduate School;
  10. Executive Committee of Graduate Studies;
  11. Faculty Responsibility Committee
  12. Grievance Code Committee
  13. Intellectual Property, University Committee on
  14. Investments & Social Responsibility, University Committee on.;
  15. Licensing Oversight Committee
  16. Rank And Tenure, University Committee on (UCRT)
  17. Research Integrity Committee;
  18. Speech and Expression Committee

Main Campus Committees

  1. Athletic Advisory Board
  2. Executive Committee, SCS
  3. Executive Council, College
  4. Executive Council, MSB
  5. Executive Council, SFS (“School Council”)
  6. Executive Faculty Council, SNHS
  7. Executive Faculty, Main Campus (MCEF)
  8. Faculty Advisory Committee, Main Campus
  9. Faculty Library Advisory Committee          
  10. Judicial Hearing Board, Main Campus             
  11. Lgbtq Committee
  12. Main Campus FTNTL COMM.
  13. Main Campus Research Awards Committee
  14. Media Advisory Board
  15. Performing Arts Advisory Council
  16. Student Affairs Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC)
  17. Student Financial Aid Committee

Medical Center Committees

  1. Admissions Committee, Medical School
  2. Medical Education, Committee On
  3. Executive Committee, Medical Center
  4. Appointments & Promotions, Medical Center Committee On
  5. Graduate Advisory Committee, Medical Center
  6. Library Committee, Medical Center
  7. Research Committee, Medical Center
  8. Shared Resources Oversight Committee
  9. Philanthropy Advisory Committee

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