Proposals Discussed at Past Senate Meetings

Removal of Section III.E “Guidelines on Submitting Applications for Tenure and Promotion” from the Faculty Handbook.

Section III.E consists of a set of guidelines promulgated by the University Committee on Rank and Tenure (UCRT) in 1992. They were included for convenience in 1999 Faculty Handbook, which was the last revision that appeared in book form before important information was readily available on the University website. The “Guidelines” are mostly instructions from the UCRT that can be changed by the UCRT without approval by the Board of Directors. This is made very clear by the requirement in the guidelines that precisely eighteen copies (seventeen in 1999) of each application must be submitted to UCRT, and by the deadlines for submission of applications, which have been changed since 1999 (without Board approval). Other parts of the 1992 “Guidelines” need revision to conform to previous revisions of Section III.D “Appointments, Rank, and Tenure” of the Faculty Handbook and more recent guidelines issued by the UCRT.

Some parts of Section III.E, however, are important statements of University policy that appear nowhere else in the Faculty Handbook and should remain there. The Steering Committee has gone over Section III.E and selected the material it believes should be retained. These are highlighted in the first attachment, and are included as redlined additions to Section III.D in the second attachment (with some minor edits). The Steering Committee proposes to eliminate Section III.E, moving the indicated passages to new subsections entitled “The University Committee on Rank and Tenure” and “Applications for Tenure and Promotion” of Section III.D “Appointments, Rank and Tenure.” The UCRT would then be asked to post the 1992 guidelines on its website and revise them as soon as possible.

University Counsel has determined that the proposed change in the Faculty Handbook do not require approval by the Board of Directors. Any future changes in what remains in the Handbook would require approval of the Board.

1992 UCRT Guidelines with material to be retained in the Faculty Handbook Highlighted
Faculty Handbook Section III.D with material to be retained from the 1992 UCRT Guidlines

The School of Nursing and Health Studies is proposing a number of important revisions to is constitution, which have been approved by the Faculty, the NHS Executive Committee,  the Dean, and the EVP.

Current NHS Constitution (2006)
Proposed NHS Constitution (2012)
Summary of Changes in Proposed NHS Constitution

Expedited Process for Lateral Appointments

The Expedited Process for Lateral Appointments was approved by the Senate on December 11, 2012.

Career Flexibility Committee

Members 2011-2012

Elliot Crooke, Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, and Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs, Medical Center
Susan Deller Ross, Professor and Director, International Women’s Human Rights Clinic, Law Center
Patricia Fairfield, Associate Professor, McDonough School of Business
Herbert Herscowitz, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and Senior Associate Dean for Special Projects, Medical Center
Therese Lee Stratton, Assistant Dean, Law Center
Katie Driscoll, Program Coordinator, Office of the Provost, Main Campus

Committee Chairs

Bonnie Green, Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Psychiatry, and Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Medical Center
Marcia Mintz, Associate Provost, Main Campus