The Georgetown University Faculty Senate is a university-wide faculty governance body that advises the University President on academic, administrative, and financial issues that affect all three campuses. Its membership consists of seventy-five full-time faculty members elected by the three campuses, plus the three Executive Vice-Presidents, the Senior Vice President, and four Main Campus Deans. It has a President, one Vice-President for each campus, and a Secretary-Treasurer, all elected by the Senate. The Senate plays a key role in formulating and revising policies that appear in the Faculty Handbook, including faculty rights and responsibilities, rank and tenure policy, the Grievance Code, and the Faculty Responsibilities Code. The Senate appoints faculty to the University Committee on Rank and Tenure, the Grievance Code Committee, the Faculty Responsibilities Committee, search committees for senior academic officers, and a wide variety of other committees.  For more information about the Senate, review the Senate Orientation presentation below.

Main Campus Elections: Nominees for the Spring 2020 Election


Wayne A. Davis, Senate President (contact:
Julie Goffe, Admin. Assistant (contact:

John Hasnas, Chair, Grievance Committee (contact:

Anthony C. Arend, Chair, Faculty Responsibilities Committee (contact:

Office: ICC-305L (Bunn Intercultural Center)

Mailing address:
3700 O Street, N.W. (Box 571057)
Washington, DC 20057-1057

Phone: 202-687-7107
Fax: 202-687-8295